imageAt The Sports Medicine Specialists in Brampton we offer a unique form of therapy called Hybresis. Hybresis is an alternate way to deliver cortisone gently through the skin using electric current. A small patch is applied directly over the injury site and the cortisone is delivered transdermally through electric current to the area of inflammation. The treatment is typically combined with your physiotherapy program and usually 6 treatments are part of a normal therapeutic course.

Common treatment sites are lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, shoulder bursitis and tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, patella tendonitis, calcaneal bursitis, iliotibial band friction syndrome and different tendonitis’s around the wrist, which include de quervain’s tenosynovitus.

For more information please consult your sports medicine physician as this is a prescription drug and is typically covered by your extended health plan.



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